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Road to Europe’s Wall

Road to Europe’s Wall


Edició: Premiats 2018

Centre: Col·legi Episcopal Mare de Déu de l’Acadèmia, Lleida

Autora: Alba Sapena Molina

Nivell educatiu: Segon de batxillerat

Tutora: Anabel Salvador Magrí

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The first aim of this research project was to analyze the geographical, social, economic and historical characteristics of Syria in order to determine the factors and reasons to be of the war.  The second objective was to understand the main migration routes to the EU as well as the response of the governments towards them. The study shows that the Syrian conflict has historical, religious, ethnic and international factors. It also proves that Governments have been carrying an externalization of the borders, violating the Human Rights and International Treaties. The third objective and the practical part was getting the volunteers view of the refugee camps and the issues stated before. A number of seven volunteers of different nationalities have been interviewed, and the results show that the refugee camp is very negative and that it has evolved over time. Finally, the third objective was getting involved in the NGO ¿Lleida pels Refugiats¿ to put in practice everything learned.


A number of books, publications, governmental documents, encyclopaedias and web pages have been selected, as well as a number of events and conferences have been attended in order to configure the theoretical framework that answers the first three questions.

For the practical part of the research project it was decided to attend to several conferences, acts and events in order to enrich, contextualize and understand more deeply the theoretical part. A number of interviews to several volunteers of different nationalities have also been carried out to get their views and analyse the situation of the refugee camps. Finally, I have participated in the NGO “Lleida pels Refugiats” to get a more personal approach to the purpose of the investigation.


After completing the research project, the following conclusions have been reached:

The Syrian conflict has different causes, the first one being historical: Syria was under the rule of two empires, for a long time suffered a really instable situation and it has had two authoritarian regimes. The second one being ethnical and religious, and the third one being international. There are different migration routes to the EU, and the European States have developed a series of laws and have carried out several actions in order to externalize and strengthen their borders.

The situation of the refugee camps is very negative: there is a violent presence of the police, lack of resources and difficulties. There has also been a militarization and destruction of the camps, as well as push-backs and devolutions.

Finally, there are different kinds of volunteers, and their actions will depend whether if they are in an NGO or act independently.